Members' Gallery

Here are a few examples of our members' artistic efforts. We hope you will enjoy having the opportunity of a 'private viewing' in the comfort of your own home.

If what we do inspires you to develop your own talents then come along and join us. ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

Let's start with a visit to Canada. This is a view of Maligne Lake near Jasper. Famed for the colour of its water, the surrounding peaks, the three glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island, a frequently photographed islet this is a must-visit location on any trip to the Rockies. Painted in watercolour by Derek Howell.


Over the border into the United States and here we are at Yosemite National Park with a view of Half Dome, the well-known granite formation, named for its distinct shape. This view is enjoyed from the overlook at Glacier Point from which you can admire the village, almost 1000 metres below, three waterfalls and this magnificent panorama. Again, by Derek in watercolour.

Half Dome

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Terry Price enjoys painting people and horses. Here he achieves both with a watercolour of a Lippizaner stallion being put through its paces - probably at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.


Here's a mandolin playing lady, again in watercolour by Terry.


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Long-time member Richard Bowden paints in watercolour and seems to like snow scenes. Here's a good example.

Richard usually paints on a pretty small scale - maybe 20cm x 15cm. Here he broke the mould completely - this view of the Suspension Bridge is a magnificent 70cm x 40cm. Must be a club record (certainly quite a challenge to scan)!

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Here are a couple of watercolours by Linda Castree. First, lets go down to the centre of Bristol where this geometric pattern of properties caught her eye.


Now, a little further afield - we're off to St Ives. Looking forward to next summer and some warmer weather!

St Ives

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Now, a dramatic view of the London Eye, captured in watercolour by Renée Thornton.

Renée enjoys the impact of night scenes. The mixture of bright colours and deep contrasts make this painting of the quayside of a Greek fishing village really come to life. You can almost hear the hubbub of the waterside cafés.


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A carefully drawn pastel painting by Pat Macmillan.

Another work in pastel - no prizes for guessing the subject. Obviously Pat came 'hot foot' to the studio!

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Off to Canada again, and this is where Matt Baker presented the BBC programme "Wild Alaska Live". The Mendenall Glacier above Juneau peeked out from behind Matt but what you couldn't see on TV was the beautiful Nugget Falls pouring down the mountainside with its spray extending out over the lake. Painted in watercolour by Keith Edwards.

If you've got the time, have a look at the BBC website to see the timelapse sequence of this mighty glacier shrinking over the past eight years - and they say there's no such thing as global warming!! (Click on this paragraph for a direct link)


Back in sunny Italy, this is Orta San Giulio - a delightful town on the banks of Lake Orta, one of the smaller of the Italian Lakes. In June the scent of jasmine as you walk along the lakeside promenade is almost overwhelming! Again, painted in watercolour.

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June Crowe has taken inspiration from a book entitled 'Watercolour Tips and techniques' for this painting of Tenby Harbour.

Another work from June - watercolour again, a precariously balanced squirrel.


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Some of the artwork shown in our gallery is for sale - if you are interested in a particular item then get in touch.